The OpEd Project: Write to Change the World (part of the 45th Annual Conference on South Asia)

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The OpEd Project:
Write to Change the World

Now accepting applications to participate in The OpEd Project!

The OpEd Project will be held on Sunday, October 23, 2016, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

An interactive workshop on writing and pitching opinion pieces in the press, “Write to Change the World” will encourage participants to think about their knowledge and experience, and why it matters. It will explore sources of credibility, patterns and elements of argument, the difference being “right” and being effective, and how to think bigger in order to have greater influence beyond academia. The event aims to encourage underrepresented academic voices (including women) to participate more fully in the public forum.

Please submit the following to by May 9, 2016:

1. A one-page cover letter describing: your expertise; why your knowledge is of public value; why you want to have a public voice from a personal perspective; and why your voice or ideas are underrepresented. Please include your full name; position and institutional affiliation; e-mail address; and phone number.

2. A two-page CV
Only the first hundred applications will be entered into the selection process. To participate in the OpEd Project, individuals are required to pay a $50 fee; all other expenses for the workshop are covered. The committee will waive the $50 for accepted graduate students and accepted participants traveling from South Asian countries to attend the workshop.

Visit the conference website for more details about this event, or check out the OpEd Project official site here.

For questions regarding participation or submission to the Annual Conference on South Asia, please refer to the Policies page of the website here.

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