Table of Contents — Religions of South Asia 9.2

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Religions of South Asia

Simon Brodbeck, Cardiff University
Dermot Killingley, Newcastle University
Anna King, University of Winchester

Book Review Editor
Suzanne Newcombe, Inform

Religions of South Asia

ISSN: 1751-2697


Issue 9.2 (2015) table of contents

Editorial- open access

Simon Brodbeck, Dermot Killingley, Anna King

Obituary- open access

Lance S. Cousins (1942–2015): An Obituary, Bibliography and Appreciation
Peter Harvey

Lance S. Cousins: (7 April 1942–14 March 2015)
Valerie J. Roebuck


Dharma and ‘Custom’: Semantic Persistence, Semantic Change and the Anxieties of the Principled Few
Adam Bowles

Early Pāṇḍya Siṃhavāhinī and Sapta Mātṛkā Sculptures in the Far South of India
R.K.K. Rajarajan

The Silences of Ramana Maharshi: Self-enquiry and Liberation in Sāṁkhya–Yoga and Advaita Vedānta
Ankur Barua

Sevā: The Focus of a Fragmented but Gradually Coalescing Field of Study
Gwilym Beckerlegge

Book Reviews- open access

When a Goddess Dies: Worshipping Mā Ānandamayi after Her Death, by Orianne Aymard
Reviewed by Robin Rinehart

Religion and Identity in South Asia and Beyond: Essays in Honor of Patrick Olivelle, edited by Steven E. Lindquist
Reviewed by Elizabeth Cecil

Narrating Karma and Rebirth: Buddhist and Jain Multi-Life Stories, by Naomi Appleton
Reviewed by Samani Unnata Pragya

Feeding the Dead: Ancestor Worship in Ancient India, by Matthew R. Sayers
Reviewed by Simon Brodbeck

The Bhāgavata Purāṇa: Sacred Text and living Tradition, eds Ravi Gupta and Kenneth Valpey
Reviewed by Edwin Bryant

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