“Religion, Ideology and Violence Imagination, Display and Deployment” — Journal of Religion and Culture (JRC)

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Call for Papers:
Religion, Ideology and Violence
Imagination, Display and Deployment

The deadline for this CFP has been extended to September 1st, 2016

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Religion, Ideology and Violence is the focus of the upcoming Journal of Religion and Culture (JRC) publication slated for the 2016-2017 academic year. In this edition, we will be examining the topic of violence and how it is deployed, displayed or discussed in differing religious contexts. We are looking for papers that address how traditions themselves negotiate violence as well as how it has been interpreted by the scholars who examine these traditions.

We’re interested in research that breaks boundaries and isn’t afraid to go places where researchers normally wouldn’t so long as it remains academic and articulate.

We are seeking submissions from all relevant fields (religion, theology, philosophy, anthropology, history, etc.). We accept currently unpublished articles (which contain original scholarship) and book reviews of recent publications pertaining to our topic. Papers can focus on any tradition, time period or particular issue surrounding violence and religion. Some submission ideas we’re particularly interested in, include:

• Case studies on particular instances of religious violence
• Sacrifice, martyrdom and its interpretations
• Contemporary discourses and dialogues on religious violence
• Mythological violence and the role of violence in narratives
• Cosmic end times and soteriological destruction
• A study on non-violence or the minimizing of violence in traditions
• Critiques of violence in the media
• Changing mindsets and historical overviews

The due date for submissions is August 1st 2016 (nothing like a good summer project). Papers will be evaluated according to the order in which they are received. Papers are to be submitted using the online submission form at www.jrc-concordia.ca/submit. Be sure to read the guidelines; incorrect submissions may be rejected for editorial reasons.

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