Submit a Reflections from the Field for the international journal Religious Studies and Theology

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Interested in the field and profession of Religious Studies? Experienced in this area? You are invited to submit a 1500 word reflection on any aspect of the profession to the Reflections from the Field section of the international journal Religious Studies and Theology.

The Reflections from the Field section of Studies and Theology is a forum for discussion of topics related to the profession of Religious Studies, and for scholars of religion to reflect on the challenges of entering social contexts for the purpose of doing research, on determining which knowledge is shared and how, and dealing research findings that do not support general understandings of a subject. This section thus explores the inter-related concerns of profession and epistemology: how it is that we know what we know, how is knowledge produced and transferred—from perspectives of those whose role in society it is to carry out social science and humanities research.

It is required that your Reflection is:

a) short (about 1500 words)

b) focuses on one particular professional issue or one particular research challenge

Professional topics or research challenge papers with a companion response are also welcome, with a 3000 word allowance.

Submission is easily completed at this link:

We look forward to your thoughtful contribution about working in the important field of Religious Studies!

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