“Phenomenology in Dialogue: Religious Experience, Visuality, and the Lifeworld” – Topical Issue of Open Theology

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for a topical issue of Open Theology


(second call)

Edited by:

Martin Nitsche, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague)
Olga Louchakova-Schwartz, Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley) and the Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience


“Open Theology” (http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/opth) invites submissions for the topical issue “Phenomenology in Dialogue: Religious Experience, Visuality, and the Lifeworld”, prepared in collaboration with the Society for the Phenomenology of Religious Experience (www.sophere.org).

We invite submission of papers dedicated to the phenomenologically determined themes of imagination, image-consciousness, appearance and the non-apparent, phenomenological ontology, and genetic phenomenology, with regard to religious experience. We further invite innovative philosophical and theological reflections on image, imagination, and creativity in religious experiencing, as well as reflections on a reverse problem of how religious experience contributes to the above mentioned faculties examined in the psychological horizon. This topic can be further narrowed down to research of phenomenological visuality, or broadened by thematization of critical issues arising from research into religious experience, such as, but not limited to, first-person authority and the relationship between phenomenological and natural scientific horizons of inquiry: What are the spheres, regions, and horizons by which we can understand religious experience? How do traditional topics of phenomenological philosophy, such as the ego, subjectivity, embodiment, or intersubjectivity, relate to the study of visuality in religious experience? We invite these and other questions to be treated not only in the light of classical phenomenological scholarship, but also within other interpretive and critical approaches; we also welcome contributions from perspectives of theological phenomenology such as those connected with the work of Schleiermacher or Troeltsch, French phenomenology, and the Phenomenology of Life. Papers discussing the manifestations of visuality in various religious lifeworlds are also invited: does religious visuality manifest across various traditions and practices? The issue is open both to theoretical papers and papers with applied practical orientation, as along as the authors use phenomenological reflection in the treatment of their findings.

Authors publishing their articles in the topical issue will benefit from:

– transparent, comprehensive and fast peer review,
– efficient route to fast-track publication and full advantage of De Gruyter Open’s e-technology,
– free language assistance for authors from non-English speaking regions,
– complementary membership in the Society for Phenomenology of Religious Experience.

Publication costs should be covered by so called Article Processing Charges (APC), paid by authors, their affiliated institutions, funders or sponsors. To view funding opportunities to cover APC please visit https://www.degruyter.com/page/1097. Authors who would like to apply for discounts or free publication are asked to contact Managing Editor of the journal Dr. Katarzyna Tempczyk (katarzyna.tempczyk@degruyteropen.com) before submission of articles.


Submissions will be collected till April 15, 2019, via the on-line submission system at: http://www.editorialmanager.com/openth/

Choose as article type: “Topical Issue Article: Phenomenology in Dialogue”.

Before submission the authors should carefully read over the Instruction for Authors, available at: http://www.degruyter.com/view/supplement/s23006579_Instruction_for_Authors.pdf

All contributions will undergo critical peer-review before being accepted for publication.

Further questions about this thematic issue can be addressed to Olga Louchakova-Schwartz at olouchakova@gmail.com. In case of technical or financial questions, please contact journal Managing Editor Katarzyna Tempczyk at katarzyna.tempczyk@degruyteropen.com.

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