Learn about the CCRL (The Centre for Civic Religious Literacy) in Canada

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The CCRL is a non-religious organization that develops civic religious literacy in order to promote the public understanding of religious, non-religious, and spiritual perspectives and communities across Canada. OUR MISSION is: 1) To recognize and help all citizens in Canadian society recognize and understand, the multiplicity of religious, spiritual, and secular identities, traditions, and worldviews of peoples in Canada and throughout the world through research-based approaches, and 2) To promote religious literacy through professional development and education initiatives in work-based, school-based, and community-based contexts. OUR OBJECTIVE is to foster social cohesion by: 1) Working with other Canadian organizations fostering religious literacy and facilitate a cohesive presence, 2) Fostering religious literacy across all sectors of society and among all age groups through training that is – A) Research-based; B) Evaluated based on current research findings; C) Localized based on our work with community leaders and members, an understanding of each community (religious or non-religious), and geographic dynamics; and, D) Focused on the current needs of each group we work with.

Erin Reid, Sabrina Jafralie, and W. Y. Alice Chan co-founded the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy (CCRL), a non-profit currently working in the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

The CCRL aims to promote civic religious literacy through educational programming that guides individuals and organizations to better understand religious, spiritual, and non-religious individuals who they work with, support, live with, and teach.

We work in partnership with community leaders, elders, and knowledge keepers across Canada to ensure local representatives speak for their own community in their lived environment. To learn more about CCRL, visit www.ccrl-clrc.ca.

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