Call for narratives about mental health crisis among academics and how universities are responding

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Dear Member of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion

We are trying to gain an understanding of how universities and other research institutes are responding to faculty who are suffering from mental health issues, like depression, and ask for your help. If you would post the following announcement on your website, email it out to your members, include it in your newsletter, or send it out as a tweet, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for considering this request and for helping address this important issue.

Dr. Colin A. Chapman, George Washington University
Professor, Canada Research Chair, Fellow of the Royal Society, Velan Award for Humanitarian Service, Konrad Adenauer Research Award from the Humboldt Foundation, Conservation Fellow of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Killam Research Fellow


Academic institutions are starting to recognize a mental health crisis in students. But what about faculty? Research suggests that 36% of academics have or would like to receive help for work related anxiety or depression and 80% viewed that competition has fostered mean and aggressive behavior in the workplace.

To understand how universities are responding to the needs of faculty, and what resources, practices, and policies are in place that address faculty mental health and well-being, we seek personal narratives.

If you have a narrative that you are willing to share, please go to this link. Your response will be anonymous.

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Universities are recognizing the mental health crisis in students. What about faculty? We are collecting narratives of how institutions respond when a faculty member suffers mental health issues e.g., depression. Share your story:

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