Table of Contents for PentecoStudies, Issue 20.1 (2021)

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Issue 20.1 (2021) table of contents


Jörg Haustein

Provincialism as Asset and Predicament
Evangelos Karagiannis

Dreadlocks in the Church of Pentecost
Charles Prempeh

Pentecostal Theological Education
Simo Frestadius

Migration and Global Pentecostalism in the Greater Stockholm Area
Torbjörn Aronson

Reviews-open access
BUTLER, Melvin L. Island Gospel: Pentecostal Music and Identity in Jamaica and the United States.
Pauline Muir

CARTLEDGE, Mark J. The Mediation of the Spirit: Interventions in Practical Theology.
Sheryl Arthur

FRESTADIUS, Simo. Pentecostal Rationality: Epistemology and Theological Hermeneutics in the Foursquare Tradition.
Michael Blythe

STEPHENSON, Christopher (ed.). An Amos Yong Reader: The Pentecostal Spirit.
Brandon Babcock

VAN DER LAAN, Cornelis. Margaretha Adriana Alt: Mother of the Indonesian Pentecostal Mission.
William K. Kay

Jörg Haustein, University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity, United Kingdom

Book Review Editor
Richard H. Burgess, University of Roehampton, United Kingdom


ISSN 2041-3599 (print)
ISSN 1871-7691 (online)

PentecoStudies offers a distinctly interdisciplinary forum for the study of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity. Authors from the social sciences, the humanities, cultural studies, religious studies and theology are all welcome to submit research on global expressions of Pentecostalism defined in its broadest sense.

The journal invites work that attends to historical, contemporary and regional studies. In particular, it is interested in the global expansion of Pentecostalism, its mutations and impact on society, culture and the media, including its influence on traditional non-Pentecostal churches.

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