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Dear Sir or Madam,

I represent the journal ‘Open Theology’ published by De Gruyter. You may find more details about the journal and our previous publications at

Open Theology

Open Theology is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal that welcomes contributions written in English addressing religion in its various forms and aspects: historical, theological, sociological, psychological, and other. The journal encompasses all major disciplines of Theology and Religious Studies, presenting doctrine, history, organization and everyday life of various types of religious groups and the relations between them. We publish articles from the field of Theology as well as Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of Religion and also dialogue between Religion and Science. The Open Theology does not present views of any particular theological school nor of a particular religious organization. The contributions are written by researchers who represent different religious views. The authors present their research concerning the old religious traditions as well as new religious movements. The aim of the journal is to promote an international and interdisciplinary dialogue in the field of Theology and Religious Studies. The journal seeks also to provide researchers, pastors and other interested persons with the fruits of academic studies.

We are currently collecting proposals for topical issues to be published in 2022- please find the call appended below. If you would like to publish the papers from the conference “CFP: Call for Oxford Templeton Visiting Fellowships” as a topical issue of our journal, please do not hesitate to send us your proposal.

With best regards,

Magdalena Folgart
Assistant Editor
Open Philosophy

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Open Theology ( invites groups of researchers, conference organizers and individual scholars to submit their proposals of edited volumes to be considered as topical issues of the journal.

Proposals will be collected by October 31, 2021.

To submit your proposal please contact Dr Katarzyna Tempczyk at


Violence of Non-Violence (ed. Michael Jerryson and Margo Kitts)
Manichaeism – New Historical and Philological Studies (ed. John C. Reeves)
In Search of a Contemporary World View: Contrasting Thomistic and Whiteheadian Approaches (ed. Joseph Bracken)
Science and/or Religion: a 21st Century Debate (ed. Shiva Khalili and Fraser Watts)

Cognitive Science of Religion (ed. Jason Marsh)
Is Transreligious Theology Possible? (ed. Jerry L. Martin)
Psychotherapy and Religious Values (ed. P. Scott Richards)
Bible Translation (ed. Mark L. Strauss)
Religious Recognition (ed. Heikki Koskinen, Ritva Palmen and Risto Saarinen)
Religion and Race (ed. Daniel White Hodge)

Multiple Religious Belonging (ed. Manuela Kalsky and Andre van der Braak)
Phenomenology of Religious Experience (ed. Olga Louchakova-Schwartz and Courtenay Crouch)
Analytic Perspectives on Method and Authority in Theology (ed. Joshua Farris and James Arcadi)
Alternative Religiosities in Soviet Union and Communist East-Central Europe (ed. Rasa Pranskeviciute and Eagle Aleknaite)

Cognitive Linguistics and Theology (ed. John Sanders)
Intersubjectivity and Reciprocal Causality within Contemporary Understanding of the God-World Relationship (ed. Joseph A. Bracken)
Rethinking Reformation (ed. Niels Henrik Gregersen and Bo Kristian Holm)
Religion in Latin America: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives (ed. Charles Taliaferro, Marciano Adilio Spica, and Agnaldo Cuoco Portugal)
Phenomenology of Religious Experience II: Perspectives in Theology (ed. Olga Louchakova-Schwartz and Martin Nitsche)
Recognizing Encounters with Ultimacy Across Religious Boundaries (ed. Jerry L. Martin)

Digital Humanities in Biblical Studies and Theology (ed. Claire Clivaz and Garrick Allen)
Phenomenology of Religious Experience III: Visuality, Imagination, and the Lifeworld (ed. Martin Nitsche and Olga Louchakova-Schwartz)
Existential and Phenomenological Conceptions of the Relationship Between Philosophy and Theology (ed. Nikolaas Deketelaere, Elizabeth Li, and Steven DeLay)

Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World (ed. Zanne Domoney-Lyttle and Sarah Nicholson)
Issues and Approaches in Contemporary Theological Thought about Evil (ed. John Culp)
Motherhood(s) and Religions (ed. Giulia Pedrucci)
Phenomenology of Religious Experience IV: Religious Experience and Description (ed. Olga Louchakova-Schwartz, Aaron Preston and James Nelson)

2021 (in progress):
The Bible and Migration (ed. Carly Crouch)
The Reception History of the Biblical and Patristic Heritage: Reflections on Theory an Method in a Burgeoning Field of Study (ed. Miriam Jane de Cock)
Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World II (ed. Zanne Domoney-Lyttle and Sarah Nicholson)
Rationality and Religiosity During a Pandemic: Pehnomenology of Religious Experience V (ed. Olga Louchakova-Schwartz, Jason Alvis and Michael Staudigl)

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