“Selling Your Soul for Fun and Profit: Faustian Bargains” presented by Jim Cohn – an online presentation hosted by CSRS

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Selling Your Soul for Fun and Profit: Faustian Bargains
Jim Cohn

Thursday, January 12
5:00-6:00 p.m.
*online only*

Join via Zoom at uvic.ca/csrs/events

The Faust legend takes up the compelling question of selling your soul to the devil for advantages in this world. This talk sur- veys the legend in four famous instantiations, as German chap- book, Christopher Marlowe’s tragedy, Goethe’s iconic version, and Thomas Mann’s novel. Over the span of 400 years, we can trace these authors’ evolving view of evil, sin, the soul, and sal- vation. How seriously we take the afterlife has everything to do with what we may aspire to in this one.
Jim Cohn holds a PhD from the University of Chicago, was a tenured “tutor” at St. John’s College (NM) and a founding faculty member of Quest University Canada. He is an Associate Fellow at the CSRS.

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