“Cambodia: The Impact of Religious Norms on Workplace Safety” by Ratana Ly – online presentation hosted by CSRS

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Cambodia: The Impact of Religious Norms on Workplace Safety
Ratana Ly

Thursday, March 16
5:00-6:00 p.m.
DTB A110 and online
Join via Zoom at uvic.ca/csrs/events

Cambodians believe that the causes of workplace injuries at construction sites are complex, and not entirely observable. For instance, the failure to honor spirits could result in injuries. Through research and interviews, my study looks at the way locals perform ceremonies and rituals that are embedded in Buddhism, Hinduism, animism and spiritual beliefs to address some injuries. To put it in a socio-legal context, while the modern state and non-state laws affect how locals approach religious norms in the construction industry – the reverse is also true to some degree.

Ratana Ly is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Law at UVic. Her research interests include law and religion, transnational regulation, and business and human rights.

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