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The Buddha's Path of Peace
A Step-by-Step Guide

Geoffrey Hunt, University of Surrey

266 pages, 11 figures

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Professor Hunt’s new book eloquently expounds the age-old wisdom of Buddhism (Dharma) with particular reference to its practical utility of enhancing one’s own personal experience of life, thus essentially serving as a guide to individual enlightenment.
Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Buckingham University, UK

Geoff Hunt is a teacher for our times. With the clear and logical mind of a scientist, he provides a clear scheme of the Buddha’s teaching made relevant for our frantic and restless modern world. More important still, he does not only give us the intellectual concepts to absorb as knowledge but leads us to an understanding of how these are to be experienced and lived in our lives. His book will be an invaluable guide to those starting out in their exploration of Buddhism and contains much that will help the experienced practitioner.
Dr Michael O’Neill, Member of the Zen Trust (London) and long-time meditation teacher

An excellent addition to current materials available on Buddhist practice, particularly those using the language and structures of the Southern Buddhist tradition.
From the Foreword by Amaro Bhikkhu

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