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Table of Contents - Journal for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism, Issue 6.2 (2015)

Journal for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism


Issue 6.2 (2015) table of contents

Editorial-open access
Editorial: Material Culture and Art in the Lodge Room
Jeffrey Tyssens , Joachim Berger , Susan Mitchell Sommers

Painted Ambitions: The Masonic Murals in the Elisha Gilbert House
Margaret Goehring

"Setting Out on the Great Way: Essays on Early Mahayana Buddhism" - New book and discount code from Equinox Publishers

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Setting Out on the Great Way

Essays on Early Mahayana Buddhism

Edited by Paul Harrison, Stanford University

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Table of Contents - Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, Issue 12.1 (2018)

Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture


Issue 12.1 (2018) Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction
Lucas F. Johnston, Joseph D. Witt

An Assessment of Climate Engineering from a Buddhist Perspective
Till Markus , Bhikkhu Vivekānanda , Mark Lawrence

Eco-Spirituality in Environmental Action: Studying Dark Green Religion in the German Energy Transition
Jens Koehrsen

Table of Contents - Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion, Issue 4.1 (2016)

Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion

Issue 4.1 (2016) table of contents

Special Issue
Evolutionary Theories of Religion

Editorial note-open access
Evolutionary Theories of Religion
Armin Geertz , Kristoffer L. Nielbo , Ryan McKay

Special Section Article
Using Neurosociology and Evolutionary Sociology to Explain the Origin and Evolution of Religions
Jonathan H. Turner

The Trouble with “Evolution of Religion”
Justin L. Barrett

Table of Contents - Religions of South Asia, Issue 11.1 (2017)

Religions of South Asia
Issue 11.1 (2017) table of contents

Simon Brodbeck , Dermot Killingley , Anna King

Death and Dying in the Bhagavad-Gītā: Between Causality and Soteriology
Nina Petek

Realistic Reasoning and the Unreal World: Gauḍapāda’s Use of Nyāya Methodology to Argue for Illusionism
Victor A. van Bijlert

Making ‘Ethical Hindus’: Sanskrit Traditions, Oral Performance, and Hindu Nationalism in Contemporary India
Ketan Alder

Table of Contents - Implicit Religion, Issue 20.3 (2017)

Implicit Religion

Issue 20.3 (2017) table of contents

Special Issue
Artificial Intelligence and Religion

Guest Editor
Beth Singler

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Religion For the Religious Studies Scholar
Beth Singler

Dao of the Go: Contextualizing “Spirituality,” “Intelligence,” and the Human Self
Ting Guo

Aura 2.0: The Technoscientific Return of Art’s Religious Value
Michael Morelli

The Talos Principle: Philosophical and Religious Anthropology
Jonathan Tuckett

Seeking interviewers in North America - Religious Studies Project

I am emailing in my capacity as co-editor-in-chief at the Religious Studies Project -

I was hoping you might be able to circulate the following message in some way around the membership of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religions/La Société Canadienne pour l'Étude de la Religion, as we are very keen to improve our coverage of (the study of) religion in North America. Unfortunately, we only work in the English language at present.

Any help greatly appreciated.

"Pérennité du mythe" - No 35 de RELIGIOLOGIQUES disponible en ligne (Table of Contents)

No 35 de RELIGIOLOGIQUES disponible en ligne

La revue québécoise de sciences humaines, RELIGIOLOGIQUES, qui s’intéresse aux manifestations du sacré dans la culture ainsi qu’au phénomène religieux sous toutes ses formes, a le plaisir de vous annoncer la publication en ligne du No 35 (printemps / automne 2017) intitulé, « Pérennité du mythe ». Les textes sont disponibles dans leur intégralité sur le site Internet de la revue.

Roxanne D. Marcotte
Pour le comité de rédaction de RELIGIOLOGIQUES

Announcing New Education Research Network (EduRN)

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Education Research Network (EduRN), with 12 eJournals focusing on major areas of scholarship. SSRN's newest network provides a worldwide online community for education scholars and for the sharing of ideas across a broad spectrum of early-stage research.

Table of Contents - The Pomegranate, Issue 19.2 (2017)

The Pomegranate

Issue 19.2 (2017) table of contents

The Image of Paganism in the British Romanticism
Pavel Horák

Paganism and Politics
Paganism and Politics: A View from Central-Eastern Europe
Michael F. Strmiska


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