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A message from our President

Dear Members,

We are quickly approaching the CSSR annual meeting at the Congress in Waterloo, Ontario. It should prove to be a fun and stimulating conference. The executive of the CSSR invite you to the AGM from 14:00-16:00, the Presidential reception at 17:00 and then the feature film beginning at 19:00. For details please see the program found at the link directly below.

Check out our new CSSR Member Bookshelf! | Découvrez notre nouvelle bibliothèque membre SCÉR!

Find our new CSSR bookshelf and showcase under the "Members" menu, or click here.
Most of these books will also be available to peruse at Congress 2012 (be sure to check them out at the Wilfrid Laurier University bookstore during Congress!)

Reminder: CSSR/SCÉR Undergraduate and Graduate Student Essay Contests due April 19, 2012

Dear friends,

A reminder that the undergrad and grad essay contests ($300 and $100 for undergrad, with a $700 PhD prize, $300 MA prize) are on! So send in a copy of one of your papers, on any topic in the study of religion, by Wednesday the 19th! Something you wrote for a class, a conference, or just to show us all how smart you are… 2500-3500 for undergrads, and 3000-5000 words for grads, are all that stand between you and money, fame, a line on your cv, and an invite to read it at our conference next year! Submit!

Summer Sanskrit at the University of Toronto


We are offering a Beginner's Sanskrit course this summer at the Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto. We would appreciate it, if you could circulate the attached information to your listserv.

Thank you,

Frances Garrett
Associate Chair
Department of Religion

Introduction to Sanskrit RLG260Y1

Registration for Congress 2012 / Inscripti on pour le Congrès 2012

Dear colleagues and members:

Are you registered for the Canada’s largest academic gathering celebrating research, ideas and collaborations in the humanities and social sciences?

Online registration for the 2012 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is open and the early-bird registration deadline is March 31st.

The Religious Studies Project (RSP)

The Religious Studies Project (RSP) is a website and podcasting project launched in January 2012. It features a weekly audio interview (of around 30 minutes) with leading scholars of Religious Studies (RS) and related fields, which is available through the website, iTunes and other portals.

Your Online Member Profile and Membership Dues (Feb 2012 Update)

Dear CSSR / SCÉR Members,

You may have noticed that we have updated our website in the last year. What we are trying to do here is to create a centralized online database of all our members so that we can connect and communicate better.

During this transition at the moment, there are two databases functioning:

Renew your CSSR membership for 2012 | Renouveler votre adhésion pour 2012

CSSR/SCÉR Undergraduate and Graduate Student Essay Contest now open

Canadian Sociological Association: Annual Conference Call for Papers

Hello fellow CFHSS Associations,

Please see information on our 2012 Conference call for papers as there may
be sessions which would be conducive to cross listing between our


Canadian Sociological Association: Annual Conference Call for Papers
Deadline for submissions: January 30, 2012


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