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2019-2020 CSRS Newsletter (Centre for Studies in Religion & Society)

Dear friends of the CSRS,

Attached you’ll find our 2019-2020 Newsletter (Click to download as PDF). In it you’ll see interviews with fellows, articles by fellows, special features on some of our events, and a detailed account of our upcoming line-up of lectures and other activities.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me directly, or with Noriko Prezau, our administrative assistant, at

Table of Contents - Studies in Religion (Volume 48 Issue 2, June 2019)

Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses- Volume: 48, Number: 2 (June 2019)


Blasphemy Rewired: Communal Configurations of the Public Domain in Kerala
Mathew A. Varghese

Writing and Rewriting of Psalm 22
Joyce Rilett Wood

God in Creation: A Consideration of Natural Selection as the Sacrificial Means of a Free Creation
Simon R. Watson

The Renaissance of African Spiritualities vis-à-vis Christianity: Adopting the Model of Mutual Enrichment
Kizito Chinedu Nweke

"A Ṣūfī Apologist of Nīshāpūr - The Life and Thought of Abū cAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī" by S.Z. Chowdhury - new book and discount code by Equinox Publishers

We are delighted to announce that this book is available to order from our website:

A Ṣūfī Apologist of Nīshāpūr

The Life and Thought of Abū cAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī

S.Z. Chowdhury

Series: Monographs in Arabic and Islamic Studies, edited by Mustafa Shah, SOAS

HB US$100

e-PDF US$100

240pp, 10 figures

For more information on the book and to order at 25% off using the code Sufi visit the book page:

Table of Contents - The Pomegranate Issue 20.2 (2018)

The Pomegranate
Issue 20.2 (2018) table of contents

On the Agony of Czech Slavic Paganism and the Representation of One’s Own Funeral among Contemporary Czech Pagans
Giuseppe Maiello

An Esbat among the Quads: An Episode of Witchcraft at Oxford University in the 1920s
Graham John Wheeler

Pagan and Indigenous Communities in Interreligious Contexts: Interrogating Identity, Power, and Authenticity
Lee Gilmore

CSSR Executive members for 2019-2020

Dear CSSR Members,

I am delighted to announce CSSR Executive members for 2019-2020 while I also want to express gratitude at our outgoing members for their hard work and commitment to making the association such an engaged collaboration for all our members.

Thank you to Catherine Caufield, Roxanne Korpan and Arlene Macdonald. The Society has benefited from your work as Executive Members.

Our 2019-2020 Executive is as follows:

CSSR Statement Regarding BCSA and Congress 2019

"Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World” - Topical Issue of Open Theology Journal

for a topical issue of Open Theology
"Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World”

Edited by:

Zanne Domoney-Lyttle (University of Glasgow)
Sarah Nicholson (University of Glasgow)


"How and Why Books Matter: Essays on the Social Function of Iconic Texts" (by James W. Watts) - New Book and Discount Code from Equinox Publishers

Equinox is pleased to announce the publication of

How and Why Books Matter

Essays on the Social Function of Iconic Texts

James W. Watts, Syracuse University

Series: Comparative Research on Iconic and Performative Texts

HB US$100
PB US$29.95
e-PDF Individual US$29.95 Institutional US$100
230 pages, 8 black and white and colour images

Table of Contents - Implicit Religion (Issue 21.3, 2019)

Implicit Religion
Table of contents
Issue 21.3 (2018)

Pushing the Boundaries: Legal Approaches to the Definition of Religion
Hugh McFaul

Religious Freedom in Global Context
Jessica Giles

The Problem with Paganism in Charity Registration in England and Wales
Suzanne Owen

Implicit Beliefs, Explicit Practices? How International Human Rights Law Manages Religion
Helge Årsheim

Frog in a Pot: American Atheism and the Thermometry of Supreme Court Ideology
Ethan Quillen

Table of Contents - Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (Issue 13.2, 2019)

Journal for the
Study of Religion, Nature and Culture
Issue 13.1 (2019) Table of Contents

Special Issue
Inside the World of Contemporary Astrology

Guest Editor
Darrelyn Gunzburg

INTRODUCTION-open access
Special Issue Introduction: Inside the World of Contemporary Astrology
Darrelyn Gunzburg , Bernadette Brady , Patrick Curry

Astrology as Heresy in Contemporary Belief
Garry Phillipson


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