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"Guns, Gangs and Violence: a Faithful Response" - Canadian Multifaith Federation discussion on January 15, 2020

Dear Community Partners and Colleagues,

Currently, Toronto and the GTA is experiencing unprecedented gun and gang violence. The
Canadian Multifaith Federation (CMF) is organizing a forum, “Guns, Gangs and Violence
– a Faithful Response”, to bring together faith group leaders, government officials and
politicians, to explore the role that faith groups can play along with service providers in
addressing this critical public safety issue.


"Politics of Religious Knowledge and Ignorance" - Society for the Anthropology of Religion (SAR) Biennial Conference, Toronto, May 21-23, 2019

Society for the Anthropology of Religion (SAR) Biennial Conference, Toronto, May 21-23, 2019
Politics of Religious Knowledge and Ignorance

SAR meets every other year for a vibrant and diverse conference of research and ideas in the anthropology of religion. The next meeting of SAR will be in Toronto, Ontario from May 21 to May 23, 2019. The theme of the meeting will be “Politics of Religious Knowledge and Ignorance” (see abstract below).

Meeting Information:

When: May 21 to May 23, 2019

Where: Victoria College, University of Toronto


Face à l'islamophobie: lutte et résistance - Université du Québec à Montréal


2018 Gandhi Peace Festival on September 29th at Hamilton City Hall, Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Friends,

The 26th Annual Gandhi Peace Festival is under preparation.

A poster is attached. Please share it with friends and attend if you can.

Best Wishes,
Rama Shankar Singh
McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada



Free multi-faith seminar at OCAD University - Parliament of World Religions 2018 pre-event

Join us on September 8, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM for “Opening your Doors” an official Pathways to Parliament of World Religions 2018 Pre-Parliament Event at OCAD University.

A FREE multi-faith seminar for people with disabilities and family members, clergy, and self-advocates who are dedicated to creating inclusive faith communities.


Call for Participants at Congress 2018 - Study on Threshold Concepts in the Academic Study of Religion

We are faculty members at the School of Religion at Queen’s University undertaking a study on Threshold Concepts in the Academic Study of Religion. Threshold Concepts are also known as “troublesome” or “irreversible” ideas. They come into play in learning critical to the formation of scholarly identity within any given discipline. Although much work has been done on Threshold Concepts in many disciplines, this is not the case for Religious Studies.


Online Forum Showcasing "Re-Storying Canada: Religion and Public Memory" Conference

My name is Jeremy Cohen and I am contacting you on behalf of the organizing committee for the Re-Storying Canada conference, professors Emma Anderson (University of Ottawa), Hillary Kaell (Concordia) and Pamela Klassen (Toronto). Re-Storying Canada: Religion and Public Memory in 2017 was a three-day interdisciplinary conference and art event held at the University of Ottawa in May 2017. Funded by SSHRC and the Ministry of Heritage, it brought together artists, curators, novelists, and scholars from across the country.


Colloque - Vérité, la justice et la réconciliation dans les Amériques


Leila Celis, professeure au département de sociologie de l’UQAM et codirectrice du Centre de recherche en immigration, ethnicité et citoyenneté (CRIEC), avait fait appel à vous afin de diffuser cette invitation pour le colloque international Perspectives sociales et théoriques sur la vérité, la justice et la réconciliation dans les Amériques qui aura lieu les mercredi 25 et jeudi 26 avril prochains à l’Université du Québec à Montréal. L’événement approche à grands pas, pourriez-vous s.v.p. envoyer un rappel à vos réseaux?

En vous remerciant à l’avance,


You are invited - ACCUTE Plenary Talks held at Congress 2018

Hello all,

ACCUTE now has posters for the our two plenaries, Zarqa Nawaz and Jahan Ramazani. Please feel free to circulate them widely and often as Congress approaches. Also, let me know if you spot any errors or omissions.

Click here for Nawaz Poster

Click here for Ramazani Poster



Colloque Immigration, diversité ethnoculturelle et citoyenneté 2018


Leila Celis et Anne-Marie D’Aoust, codirectrices du Centre de recherche en immigration, ethnicité et citoyenneté (CRIEC), vous invitent à la 10e édition du Colloque international et interdisciplinaire 2018 pour étudiant.e.s et nouveaux.elles chercheur.e.s. Le colloque aura lieu le vendredi 4 mai prochain à l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Nous croyons que vos membres pourraient être intéressés à y assister. Pourriez-vous s.v.p. leur transmettre l’invitation?



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