Call for Panels —Unconference on “Secularization, Mysticism and Religious Hybridities in the Mediterranean” — Malta, February 7-9, 2013

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The Mediterranean Institute at the University of Malta and the
Institute of Mediterranean Studies of Busan Unconference on “Secularization, Mysticism and Religious Hybridities in
the Mediterranean” to be held in Malta 7- 9 February 2013.

The aim of this International Conference is to bring leading
international experts from diverse humanistic and social sciences to
discuss both the historical and the contemporary aspects of religion in
the Mediterranean. The theme of Secularization, Mysticism and
Hybridities will be explored through the continuous interplay and/or
influence that exists between Religion and Society in Mediterranean

The conference organisers invite academics and other experts who would
like to act as panel convenors to submit proposals for panels for
consideration by the organizing committee. Panels should be composed of
3-5 contributors with each contribution not exceeding 30 minutes in
length. Panel convenors should identify the topic and the contributors
and will be responsible for the organization of the panels. Furthermore,
the panel convenors will be invited to act as reviewers in the call for
contributions from individual academics and researchers who would like
to participate in this conference.

The panels will discuss themes ranging from Inter-religious Dialogue and
Extremism (Fundamentalism), Pilgrimages and Places of Worship,
Secularization versus Religious Hybridities, Mysticism and Popular
Religion, Conflict and Gender Identities within Religions.

The panels will be expected to focus on specific aspects since the
subjects per se are vast. More often than not, contemporary dialogue
forgets the origins of secularism, which comes from the dichotomy or
differences within religion itself; separating the priest (secular) from
the religious (monk and/or friar). This form of separation has taken the
word secularism to a further extreme, meaning the separation between the
lay and the religious. Religious is here understood as meaning both
secular and regular clergy as well as all type of believers. By
mysticism we understand popular religion, pilgrimages, while hybridities
comprise places of worship, gender and conflict.

Those who are interested in acting as panel convenors are invited to
fill in the online proposal form by not later than 31 August 2012.

For queries regarding the academic programme contact:
Dr Simon Mercieca
Director Mediterranean Institute
University of Malta
Msida MSD 2080
Tel: (00356) 2340 2097, (00356) 2340 2985
Conference Website:

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