CFP — International conference on “Religion and religiosity in a local and global scale” — Oct 30-31, 2013, Vladimir State University, Russian Federation

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Dear colleagues!

As part of projects of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of Vladimir State University, under support of Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (RHSF), the international conference on “Religion and religiosity in a local and global scale” will be held at 30th- 31st of October 2013, at Vladimir State University, Vladimir city, Russian Federation. This event is dedicated to the analysis and operational aspects of terminology, used to describe and understand the religiosity (religion, faith, superstition, secularism, clericalism, churching and etc.) in the academic and religious publications, in the “media” field, including INTERNET, educational publications and programs.

We plan to publish the book – collection of scientific articles, of the conference participants, called “Candle-2013: Religion and religious faith in the regional and global scale” (vol.23), of multi – author book “500 definitions of religion: the history of symbolizing and interpretations” (2014) and the open «NET-Encyclopedia of definitions of religion” (2015) on the website of the Internet project “Academic Religious Studies.”

Planned sections of the monograph (multi – author book) and topics for discussion

A. History: The ancient world and Modern times.
1. Etymology and semantics of the word «religio». Historical and cultural context, and the problem of “translation” of the term into other languages.
2. Ancient origins: the first definitions of theologians, natural philosophers, and politicians
3. Middle Ages: theology and philosophy in the search for the “true religion”
4. Renaissance and Reformation: conflicts of jurisdiction and art
5. The Enlightenment: science, morality, and the “supernatural”

B. Modernity and “Post-Modernity”: the problem of “sacred” and “religion as itself”
1. History of religion
2. Philosophy of religion
3. Folklore and religion
4. Sociology of religion
5. Anthropology of religion
6. Psychology of religion
7. Phenomenology of religion
8. Semiotics of religion
9. Hermeneutics of religion
10. Political aspects of religion
11. Interpretation of religion in the USSR and the “neo – atheism” in modern Russia
12. The new interpretations of religion

B. Religion in the “age of media”
1. Religion of cinematographer Andrei Tarkovsky, “media – religiosity” of film and television studios
2. The definition of religion in the “society of society” of Niklas Luhmann
3. “Cyber religion” of the Internet and the “network religiosity”

The presentation of a pilot online project called “Academic Religious Studies”, will be run within conference. This project is targeted to place up to date information about the departments and the centers for religious studies in Russia and the world, conferences, publications and initiatives in the field of the study of religion with the most diverse, but academic positions, which is first necessary for students and postgraduate students in religious studies discipline, and all those interested in the subject.

Applications and abstracts (up to 1,000 characters with spaces), please send before 25th of July 2013 to professor Evgeniy I. Arinin. You must specify your full name, the subject of the report, place of work, degree and position, home and work addresses (including zip code), phone (fax), e-mail address. Please send applications and abstracts to the following e–mail

Accepted applications must be submitted as text articles (up to 25,000 characters with spaces) until 15th of August 2013.

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