An Invitation from Canadian Association for Food Studies for collaboration at Congress 2014

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The Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS) has asked us to circulate their Call for Paper for Congress 2014, inviting CSSR members to present at their organization’s meetings. Both associations’ meetings share overlapping days at Congress this year. The CAFS welcomes submissions from all researchers at all stages. Templates and CFP can also be found at

Food studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field and as our theme for this year’s conference focuses on collaboration, particularly across disciplinary divides, the CAFS would like to extend an invitation to the CSSR to collaborate with the CAFS in the development of their programs. Specifically, the CAFS is interested in two endeavors. The first is the development of joint sessions that purposefully deal with subject matter relating to both associations’ fields and offering them primarily under one association or another’s program, but hosting them on days that our conferences overlap and opening them to delegates from both associations. The second is to cross-list any session from either association that deals with subject matter of overlapping interest to both associations in an addendum to both associations’ final programs.

Download CFP here

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