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Call for Proposals

Evangelicalism in American History

The Davies Group, Publishers


Evangelicalism in American History is a series focused on edited and peer-reviewed long essays. The series is committed to promoting forms of scholarship that are as intellectually viable and important to the dissemination of knowledge as more traditional book and monograph formats.

We are seeking submissions for extended essays (15,000-20,000 words in length) from both junior and established scholars who do not want to be restricted by the generally-accepted lengths of journal articles. We are particularly interested in submissions that are accessible to a general educated readership, while appealing to scholars in the field as well as being potentially useful for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses. Additionally, we are asking our authors that footnotes be kept to a minimum, only what is absolutely necessary.

Research areas that are relevant to the series include, but are not limited to:

· the evolution of American evangelicalism
· the role of evangelicalism and evangelicals in the formation of public life in the US

All projects will be subjected to peer review, with final works issued in softcover format. In many cases, they will also be available digitally. Proposals will be reviewed by the series editors and should be no more than three pages in length. Please include:

· A two page description of your project, including a statement of your thesis and a narrative explication of the historical and geographical context of your study
· A one page selected bibliography

Please submit your proposal to:

Jennifer Reid
Division of Humanities
University of Maine Farmington

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