Table of Contents for Buddhist Studies Review, Issue 37.2

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Buddhist Studies Review

Issue 37.2 (2020) table of contents

Editorial – open access
Alice Collett

Steven Collins 1951–2018
Rupert Gethin

Steve Collins — Valediction For A Friend
Paul Williams

Directions of Learning, Learning Directions: Myanmar-Burmese Buddhist Nuns, Responsibility, and their Experiences with the Scriptural Examinations
Rachelle Saruya

Rock-Carved Buddhas at Ch’ilburam Hermitage in Namsan Mountain, Kyŏngju
Young-ae Lim

Studying the Heart Sutra: Basic Sources and Methods (A Response to Ng and Ānando)
Jayarava Attwood

Esoteric, Chan and Vinaya Ties in Tang Buddhism: The Ordination Platform of the Huishan Monastery on Mount Song in the Religious Policy of Emperor Daizong
Anna Sokolova

Towards a Reassessment of Indrabhūti’s Jñānasiddhi
Torsten Gerloff , Julian Schott

Reviews – open access
Authentic Replicas: Buddhist Art in Medieval China by Hsueh-man Shen.
Janine Nicol

Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Premodern Sources, edited by C. Pierce Salguero.
Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim

Alice Collett, South Asia History Project

Assistant Editor
Christopher Jones, University of Cambridge

Book Reviews Editor
Francesco Bianchini, University of Oxford

Buddhist Studies Review

ISSN: 0265-2897 (print)
ISSN: 1747-9681 (online)

Buddhist Studies Review is published by Equinox on behalf of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies.The journal seeks to publish quality articles on any aspect of Buddhism, with submitted papers being blind peer-reviewed by two experts prior to acceptance. Relevant fields for the journal are: the different cultural areas where Buddhism exists or has existed (in South, Southeast, Central and East Asia); historical and contemporary aspects (including developments in ‘Western’ Buddhism); theoretical, practical and methodological issues; textual, linguistic, archaeological and art-historical studies; and different disciplinary approaches to the subject (e.g. Archaeology, Art History, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Comparative Religion, Law, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Philology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Theology).

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