Table of Contents for Buddhist Studies Review, Issue 38.2 (2021)

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Buddhist Studies Review

Issue 38.2 (2021) table of contents

Editorial – open access
Alice Collett

Stefano Zacchetti 1968–2020
Antonello Palumbo

Analysis of the Ratnakuta in the Mongolian Manuscript Kanjur
Kirill Alekseev

A Computer-assisted Analysis of Zhu Fonian’s Original Mahayana Sutras
Lin Qian , Michael Radich

A Dravidian poem translated into Pali? Apadana-atthakatha/Visuddhajanavilasini |(534 13-537 28, vv 12–48)
Bryan G. Levman

Boran Kammatthan (Ancient Theravada) Meditation Transmissions in Siam from late Ayutthaya to Rattanakosin periods
Phibul Choompolpaisal

Review Essays
Glimpses of The Oral History of Tibetan Studies
Renée Ford , Rachael Griffiths , Anna Sehnalova , Daniel Wojahn

Reviews – open access
Zhipan’s Account of the History of Buddhism in China vol.1: Fozu tongji, juan 34-38: From the Times of the Buddha to the Nanbeichao Era, by Thomas Jülch.
Albert Welter

Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness: Tradition and Dialogue, edited by Mark Siderits, Ching Keng and John Spackman.
Rafal K. Stepien

Women in British Buddhism: Commitment, Connection, Community, by Caroline Starkey.
Nathan H. Clarke

Alice Collett, University of Wolverhampton

Assistant Editor
Christopher Jones, University of Cambridge

Book Reviews Editor
Francesco Bianchini, University of Oxford

Buddhist Studies Review

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ISSN: 1747-9681 (online)

Buddhist Studies Review is published by Equinox on behalf of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies.The journal seeks to publish quality articles on any aspect of Buddhism, with submitted papers being blind peer-reviewed by two experts prior to acceptance. Relevant fields for the journal are: the different cultural areas where Buddhism exists or has existed (in South, Southeast, Central and East Asia); historical and contemporary aspects (including developments in ‘Western’ Buddhism); theoretical, practical and methodological issues; textual, linguistic, archaeological and art-historical studies; and different disciplinary approaches to the subject (e.g. Archaeology, Art History, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Comparative Religion, Law, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Philology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Theology).

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