Table of Contents – PentecoStudies, Issue 20.2 (2021)

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Issue 20.2 (2021) table of contents

Guest Edited by Julia Kuhlin and Yonatan N. Gez

Jörg Haustein

Guest Editorial
Guest Editorial: Pentecostalism and Lived Religion
Julia Kuhlin , Yonatan N. Gez

Religious Return Mobility in Pentecostalized Kenya
Yonatan N. Gez

Together with God: Lived Religion among Women in Middle-Class Pentecostal Churches in India
Julia Kuhlin

The Contextual Significance of Clothes and Jewellery: Lived Religion among Pentecostals in South India
Anita Yadala Suneson

Everyday Migrant Pentecostalism: Changing Contexts for Life and Faith for Migrants and Migrant Churches in Norway
Stian Sørlie Eriksen

Reviews-open access
ARTMAN, Amy Collier. The Miracle Lady: Kathryn Kuhlman and the Transformation of Charismatic Christianity.
Ryan Ramsey

CARTLEDGE, Mark J., Sarah DUNLOP, Heather BUCKINGHAM and Sophie BREMNER. Megachurches and Social Engagement: Public Theology in Practice.
Nikolaj Christensen

MITTELSTADT, Martin W. and Caleb H. COURTNEY (eds). Canadian Pentecostal Reader: The First Generation of Pentecostal Voices in Canada (1907–1925).
William K. Kay

STUDEBAKER, Steven M. The Spirit of Atonement: Pentecostal Contributions and Challenges to the Christian Traditions.
Ryan Kerrison

YONG, Amos. Renewing the Church by the Spirit: Theological Education after Pentecost.
Mark J. Cartledge

Jörg Haustein, University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity, United Kingdom

Book Review Editor
Richard H. Burgess, University of Roehampton, United Kingdom


ISSN 2041-3599 (print)
ISSN 1871-7691 (online)

PentecoStudies offers a distinctly interdisciplinary forum for the study of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity. Authors from the social sciences, the humanities, cultural studies, religious studies and theology are all welcome to submit research on global expressions of Pentecostalism defined in its broadest sense.

The journal invites work that attends to historical, contemporary and regional studies. In particular, it is interested in the global expansion of Pentecostalism, its mutations and impact on society, culture and the media, including its influence on traditional non-Pentecostal churches.

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