New accelerated undergraduate course called “Jerusalem and Rome: Jewish-Catholic Relations” at Assumption University, May-June 2022

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Assumption University is pleased to offer its newest undergraduate course, Jerusalem and Rome: Jewish-Catholic Relations. This course reflects Assumption’s strong dedication to cultivating right relations with our elder brothers and sisters. We are honoured to have the warm support from both the Windsor Jewish Federation and Community Centre and Jewish London. The course represents a historic new chapter in Jewish and Catholic dialogue, one that will both teach and inspire future generations. The course is an accelerated course that can be completed in about six weeks.

Course Code: RELS 2022
Course Level: Second-Year Course
Course Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30 AM to 2:20 PM
Course Dates: May 10, 2022 to June 24, 2022 (Accelerated Six-Week Course)
Course Duration: Six Weeks (Accelerated)
Course Credit: 3.00
Course Instructor: Dr. John Cappucci, The Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Religion and Conflict/Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Course Delivery: Synchronous/Online (Via Zoom and Blackboard)

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Course Description
This course provides a portrait of Jewish-Catholic relations by exploring both the historical interactions and the contemporary developments between the two religions and the place they hold in the larger community. The course will also explore how the similarities and differences in the lived expressions of Judaism and Catholicism compare. It is the goal of this course to provide the space for students to explore approaches/strategies that will help cultivate understanding, dialogue, and cooperation between Jewish and Catholic communities as well as the impact on society.

Learning Outcomes
-Examine the historical interactions between Jews and Catholics from the first common century to the present to facilitate increased awareness and understanding of their social role in contemporary religion, culture, and society.
-Evaluate key primary documents published by religious leaders on the relationship between Judaism and Catholicism
-Compare similarities between Judaism, Catholicism, and other religions on theological, scriptural, and expressional levels.
-Identify instances of antisemitism in Catholic teachings and how they have been addressed by Church authorities
-Evaluate how present-day outstanding issues may affect the further positive development of Jewish-Catholic relations and the impact they may have on you as an individual and on the Canadian society.
-Synthesize innovative ways in which Jewish and Catholic communities could cultivate dialogue with one another and other communities by assessing the values that underlie these relationships.
-Reflect on how your thoughts on religion have influenced your development as a social being and shaped your perception and understanding of other people, cultures, and religions.

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